Our Team


 President of Data Analysis and Business Analysis 

Jennifer Rolling-King is the Founder and CEO of Bora Tech Group (formerly Written Word Resources, Inc.) For 18 years Jennifer has successfully managed large/small/local/global virtual teams on projects where our many clients have engaged our services; repeatedly. Jennifer specializes in all things related to Information Security Compliance, Governance, Policy and Procedure, Mock, Internal, and External Audit preparation, Risk Management and Mitigation, Analysis, Vulnerability Assessments, and Change Management. Having worked within these special areas, Jennifer has gained and impressive assortment of IT skills that supports the success she has had in the corporate world.  

Jennifer enjoys hiking, swimming, exercise, kickboxing, dancing, meditating, and karaoke in her spare time. 


VP of Technical Process Development

William Royster III is the head of our Technical Process and Development department which manages technical writing, process development, diagram development, risk matrix development, policy development, editing, RFP development, communications, editing, proofreading, vulnerability assessment documents, and reporting. William brings over 10 years of experience to BTG.

William enjoys hiking, martial arts, swimming, and photography in his spare time.


VP of Finance Senior Manager Virtual IT Specialist/Business Analyst 

Melissa uses R and SQL to manipulate data, create reports and clean data. She also manages databases and implement data collection systems. She works with the team and clients to help them improve their processes and systems. She conducts research and analysis in order to come up with solutions to business problems and help to introduce these systems to businesses and their clients. 

Melissa enjoys reading, swimming, weight lifting, watch scary movies, eat,  values alone time in her spare time.


Senior Director of Data Modeling & Engineering

Yesha Lester is the Senior Director of Data Modeling & Engineering, Yesha identifies business needs from existing data structures and implement innovative data solutions. Yesha provides leadership, training, and professional development to Engineers, Technical Writers, Analysts, and Admins on the team. She creates and maintains data infrastructure and technical documentation while managing various projects. Yesha bring 5 years of experience to BTG.

Yesha enjoys karaoke, swimming, hiking, and photography in her spare time.


Office Manager Virtual IT Specialist/Business Analyst

Maureen works on making sense of data accumulated by their employers. She manages databases and implement data collection systems. She also interpret data using specific methods and technologies and create reports on patterns and trends you have identified in data sets.

Maureen enjoys dancing, karaoke and watching movies in her spare time. 


Senior Virtual Information Technology Specialist

Abdel Cowo uses technical expertise to ensure the quality and accuracy of our processes. Abdel brings skills such as R, SQL, Python, data analysis, executive level virtual support, technical writing, business writing, and more with over 10 years of experience.  

Abdel enjoys long distance running, exercising and painting in his spare time. 


Manager Virtual Information Technology Specialist

Christine trains our team to makes sense of data accumulated and build insightful solutions. She manages databases and implement data solutions. She interprets data using specific methods, technologies and creates reports on patterns and trends have been identified in data sets.

Christine enjoys kickboxing, swimming and watching movies in her spare time..

In Memory Of

Michael J. Bey, Jr.

Sadly, on November 6, 2022, Bora Tech Group lost a valuable and wonderful part of our team. Although we will persevere, BTG will never be the same with our dear Michael. 

Michael worked as Senior Director/ Data Analyst Programmer at BTG.

Michael defined, developed, tested, analyzed, and maintained new software applications in support of the achievement of business requirements. As a Data Analyst programmer, Michael also researched, designed, documented, and modified software specifications throughout the production life cycle. 

You are now and will always be missed.